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JSET key id path value [RAW|STR]

Set a value in a JSON document.


JGET, JSET, and JDEL allow for working with JSON strings, for example:

JSET user 901 name Tom JGET user 901 > {"name":"Tom"} JSET user 901 name.first Tom JSET user 901 name.last Anderson JGET user 901 > {"name":{"first":"Tom","last":"Anderson"}} JDEL user 901 name.last JGET user 901 > {"name":{"first":"Tom"}}


JSET allows a set of options that modify its behavior:

RAW allows value to be interpreted as a serialized JSON object:

SET linestrings 1 OBJECT {"type": "LineString", "coordinates": [[0, 0], [1, 1]]} JSET linestrings 1 coordinates.-1 [2,2] RAW JGET linestrings 1 > {"type":"LineString","coordinates":[[0,0],[1,1],[2,2]]}

STR allows value to be interpreted as a string: JSET test 1 properties.bool true JGET test 1 properties.bool > {"value":true} JSET test 1 properties.bool true STR JGET test 1 properties.bool > {"value":"true"}

Path syntax

All commands use the GJSON path syntax, for more information:

Setting JSON: https://github.com/tidwall/sjson
Getting JSON: https://github.com/tidwall/gjson