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NEARBY key [CURSOR start] [LIMIT count] [SPARSE spread] [MATCH pattern] [DISTANCE] [WHERE field min max ...] [WHEREIN field count value [value ...] ...] [WHEREEVAL script numargs arg [arg ...] ...] [WHEREEVALSHA sha1 numargs arg [arg ...] ...] [NOFIELDS] [FENCE] [DETECT what] [COMMANDS which] [COUNT|IDS|OBJECTS|POINTS|BOUNDS|(HASHES precision)] (POINT lat lon meters)|(ROAM key pattern meters)

The NEARBY command searches a collection for objects that intersect a specified radius.

This command has many options, but at it’s most simplest it may appear like.

NEARBY fleet POINT 33.462 -112.268 6000

Above is a search around the point 33.462,-112.268 with a radius of 6000 meters. A list of all objects that intersect that radius are returned.

Search Options

For a complete list of search options please see the INTERSECTS command.

Output Formats

For a complete list of output formats please see the INTERSECTS command.

KNN Search

Normally the results of NEARBY are unsorted, but when a LIMIT is set with no radius, the KNN algorithm will be used instead of the standard overlap+Haversine algorithm, sorting the results in order of distance ascending, i.e., nearest first.

The following example will find the object closest to the given point:

NEARBY fleet LIMIT 1 POINT 33.462 -112.268