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Tile38 replication is a leader-follower model and is intended to be very easy to set up.

Quick Tutorial

Run the commands below using the Command Line Interface. On your local machine you will begin two different Tile38 server instances. The second server will follow the first server.

Open a new terminal and run:

$ ./tile38-server -p 9851 -d data1

This will start a new Tile38 server and persist all data to the data1 directory.

Open a second terminal and run:

$ ./tile38-server -p 9852 -d data2

This will start a second Tile38 server and persist all data to the data2 directory.

Send the second server the command:

FOLLOW localhost 9851 # execute on the port 9852 server

This will instruct the second server to follow the first server.

Then create an object on the first server:

SET key1 obj1 POINT 33.1 -112.4 # execute on the port 9851 server

This will create the object on the first server and replicate the object to the second server.

Finally, test if the object has been create on the second server.

GET key1 obj1 # execute on the port 9852 server

The object will be returned.