SEARCH key [CURSOR start] [LIMIT count] [MATCH pattern] [ASC|DESC] [WHERE field min max ...] [WHEREIN field count value [value ...] ...] [WHEREEVAL script numargs arg [arg ...] ...] [WHEREEVALSHA sha1 numargs arg [arg ...] ...] [NOFIELDS] [COUNT|IDS]

SEARCH iterates though a key’s string values.

This command has many options, but at it’s most simplest it may appear like.

SEARCH names

Above is a scan for all strings in the names key.

It’s also possible to filter the values using the MATCH keyword and to order the results using ASC and DESC. For Example:


The above command will search for all values that begin with J from the names key and return the results in descending order.

Please note that this command only STRING values. Geo values such and POINT and OBJECT require use the SCAN command.