SETCHAN name [META name value ...] [EX seconds] NEARBY|WITHIN|INTERSECTS key FENCE [DETECT what] [COMMANDS which] param [param ...]

Creates a Pub/Sub channel which points to a geofenced search. If a channel is already associated to that name, it’ll be overwritten. Once the channel is created a client can then listen for events on that channel with SUBSCRIBE or PSUBSCRIBE.


Set a simple channel.

SETCHAN warehouse NEARBY fleet FENCE POINT 33.5123 -112.2693 500

In this example we created a channel named warehouse that watches for changes to objects in the fleet collection. When a change occurs the channel warehouse is notified with a detailed message. The message contains a member named 'detect' which has one of the following values:

For more information on the format of this message please see the topic on Geofencing.

NEARBY, INTERSECTS, and WITHIN are supported search types. The FENCE keyword must be present.