Command Line Interface

When you build the tile38-server executable binary, an accompanied tile38-cli executable binary will also be built.

Basic Operations

Connect to the default Tile38 server running on port 9851.

$ ./tile38-cli # add a couple of points named 'truck1' and 'truck2' to a collection named 'fleet'. > SET fleet truck1 POINT 33.5123 -112.2693 # on the Loop 101 in Phoenix > SET fleet truck2 POINT 33.4626 -112.1695 # on the I-10 in Phoenix # search the 'fleet' collection. > SCAN fleet # returns both trucks in 'fleet' > NEARBY fleet POINT 33.462 -112.268 6000 # search 6 kilometers around a point. returns one truck. # crud operations > GET fleet truck1 # returns 'truck1' > DEL fleet truck2 # deletes 'truck2' > DROP fleet # removes all

All of the standard commands are supported. For inline help use the help command:

$ ./tile38-cli > help tile38-cli 1.0.4 Type: "help @<group>" to get a list of commands in <group> "help <command>" for help on <command> "help <tab>" to get a list of possible help topics "quit" to exit


$ ./tile38-cli -h tile38-cli 1.0.4 Usage: tile38-cli [OPTIONS] [cmd [arg [arg …]]] -h <hostname> Server hostname (default: -p <port> Server port (default: 9851).