Network protocols

It’s recommended to use a client library or the Tile38 CLI, but there are times when only HTTP is available or when you need to test from a remote terminal. In those cases we provide an HTTP and telnet options.


One of the simplest ways to call a tile38 command is to use HTTP. From the command line you can use curl. For example:

# call with request in the body curl –data "set fleet truck3 point 33.4762 -112.10923" localhost:9851 # call with request in the url path curl localhost:9851/set+fleet+truck3+point+33.4762+-112.10923


Websockets can be used when you need to Geofence and keep the connection alive. It works just like the HTTP example above, with the exception that the connection stays alive and the data is sent from the server as text websocket messages.


There is the option to use a plain telnet connection. The default output through telnet is RESP.

telnet localhost 9851 set fleet truck3 point 33.4762 -112.10923 +OK

The server will respond in JSON or RESP depending on which protocol is used when initiating the first command.